Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Meredith Manor's FAQ

Q: What dates and times do you have available for events?   

A: We hold evening events only with five-hour reservations.  There is only one event occurring at a time. Please refer to our calendar for availability. 

Q: How many guests does your Barn accommodate for a reception?

A: The Barn can accommodate a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 80 guests.

Q: What is the capacity of your New Country Barn?

A: The Country Barn’s capacity is for a minimum of 80 to a maximum of 300 guests.  

Q: How much is the initial deposit, when is it due, and is it refundable?

A: Meredith Manor requires a 20%, non-refundable deposit due within the ten days following a tentative verbal reservation with a pending contract . A signed contract must accompany the initial payment. 

Q: Do you allow outside catering?

A: No because Meredith Manor owns it’s own exclusive catering business that operates at our venue. The chef is a Culinary Institute graduate and his team can accommodate a variety of cuisines.

Q: What are your catering options?

A: Our most popular style of service is individual entrees served while guests are seated.   We also offers a buffet style of service when requested. 

Q: Do we supply our own alcohol? What about mixers?

A: Yes, the contracting client provides all alcoholic beverages.  Host Liquor Liability insurance information is made available.  Meredith Manor provides all of the non-alcoholic bar set ups including the mixers, juices, soda, ice tea, lemonade and a coffee station.

Q: Do we supply bartenders? Are they included in your packages?

A: Meredith Manor will provide and schedule the necessary number of bartenders for your event.  They are paid separately by the contracting client. 

Q: Do you have higher rates for “Peak Months”?

A: The venue's rental rates are varied based upon the day of the week the reservation is being made and are consistent between April through December.   

Q: Do you have decoration restrictions?

A: Our new Country Barn will have lots of natural light, large windows for outside viewing and accent lighting throughout.  Additional decorations are hardly necessary and there are restrictions so please check with our management.  

Q: Do you allow ceremonies only at your facilities?

A: At Meredith Manor, we host a ceremony only when the reception is also reserved at the venue. 

Q: How do we reserve an event?

A: An initial appointment is made for a tour and explanation of the policies, contract, payments, etc.  Once you decide to reserve a date, the bride-to-be's last name is penciled in on the date and a packet is mailed including the contract.  The date is tentatively reserved for 10 days until the initial payment and a signed contract are returned.   

Q: Do you offer day-of coordination?

A: Absolutely.   Meredith Manor is happy to assist you and includes a great deal of coordination and set up for the day of your wedding.  Our staff goes above and beyond to make sure your day is the way you dreamed it would be!